Sunday, 15 February 2015

Do you know what happens in France for la St Valentin?

Where would you say la St Valentin is most celebrated? Here are some statistics taken in Metronews this week:


France comes in 3rd place ( 3ème place) after the US and the UK, with 51% of couples celebrating.
The most common presents are:
Un dîner ( a meal): 37%
Des fleurs ( flowers): 25%
Des parfums ( perfume): 22%
Des bijoux ou des montres ( jewellery or watches): 16%
Lingerie ou vêtements ( lingerie or clothes): 11%

What about doing a little game to learn some French vocabulary about love? After all, French is meant to be the language of love ( le language de l'amour) !


You will get the answer to the hidden word next week!

You may like to impress your girl friend ( petite amie) , boy friend ( petit ami), wife ( femme), husband ( mari) using some of the following quotes:

"J'ai besoin de l'air que tu respires comme de la seule atmosphère où je puisse vivre." ( I need the air that you breathe to stay alive)
Citation de Benjamin Constant ; Lettre à Mme Lindsay, le 23 novembre 1800.

"À toi ma vie, ma tendresse, à toi mon cœur pour toujours." ( For you my love, my affection, my heart forever)
Citation de Charles Trenet ; Votre visage (1947)

"Tu peux m'ouvrir cent fois les bras, c'est toujours la première fois." ( You can open your arms to me, it is always the first time)
Citation de Jean Ferrat ; Paroles de la chanson C'est toujours la première fois (1965)

Would you like to test your French? What about trying the Alliance Française test on line? For more info...

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