Saturday, 23 October 2010

Drama Course Starting Soon!

You like speaking French? Why not improve your communication skills with our theatre workshop? Learning in context improves memory, while being involved physically and emotionally will boost your confidence.

Join us! All you need is a willingness to participate and a good GCSE level. 

We start a new series of 10 sessions on Tuesday November 2nd at 8 p.m. in Southville (each lasting 1.30-Tuesday nights @ Comedy Box, BS3 1JF). We still have a few spaces. To enrol or simply find out more, please send an email to, visit our Alliance Française de Bristol website or call Audrey on 0781 659 0609. The price is £160.

"Theatre VO is a completely different way of learning French; it's amazing how much you take in without even realising it. Acting was never really my thing- but acting in French is completely different!! It's great fun and I'd recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their ability to speak French." - Rosie

You'd like to see more? 

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Theatre VO also offers tailored workshops for schools and businesses. For more info, visit

Did you go to see the Misanthrope? What did you think? Tell us about your favourite French theatre quote!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Did you know that the Autumn fruit la mirabelle comes from Lorraine?

La mirabelle is a tiny plum slightly bigger than a cherry, it has a nice reddish golden colour and is sweet and juicy. It was first planted in Lorraine, the orchards now produce mirabelles from mid-August to early October.
Its name comes from the Latin and means: belle à voir ( nice to look at).
It is lovely to eat as a piece of fruit or cooked to accompany venison or veal.
Try some next time you go to France. Buy them on a market so that you can choose some nice juicy ones.
Bon appétit!

If you are interested in food and cooking, why not  try our next French cookery course? It is run by one of our French tutors who is also a French chef.
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Some short poems written by a student taking French tuition with Alliance française de Bristol

Michael started to take French lessons last March, he had very little French then. Here are a couple of poems he wrote after 15 hours of French tuition:

Ton image dans le miroir
Ton parfum flotte dans l'air
Au point du jour je pleure
Parce que tu n'es pas là.

Les livres sur la table
Mon stylo dans ma main
J'écoute chaque mot que tu parles
Je vais être chagrin quand je vais partir.

We had looked at the beginning of the poem by Jacques Prévert, Alicante:
Une orange sur la table
Ta robe sur le tapis
Et toi dans mon lit

I had asked my students to imagine a poem in the same vein.
What about having a go yourselves and adding your own poems in the Comments?

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