Sunday, 28 October 2012

Did you know that our French drama course is starting on 6th November?

Audrey, French tutor at Alliance Française de Bristol, is resuming her very popular French drama courses this Autumn.
Can she tempt you to join up? Here is what she explains:
We are very happy to welcome you to this first session to learn French through drama. Learning and experiencing the language will happen in different ways:
 Each session will start with relaxation and breathing exercises, so you’ll learn through listening and being immersed in French ( écoute et immersion)
 We’ll do some pronunciation exercises ( exercices de prononciation)
 We’ll experience French sounds with our whole bodies ( expérimenter les sons du français à travers le corps)
 We’ll work on situations ( travailler à partir de situations)
 We’ll work on how to express feelings ( comment exprimer ses sentiments)
 We’ll discover some new vocabulary in context ( découvrir du vocabulaire en contexte)
 We’ll focus on one or more grammar point that we will particularly explore ( explorer la grammaire)
 We’ll write short dialogues / monologues for you to play ( écrire des dialogues ou monologues à jouer)
I And most of all, we'll have fun! ( et surtout, on va s'amuser!)

There are still a couple of places left on the course, do not hesitate to contact us, for more info...

Here is a short video of what happens at the end of the 10 sessions:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Did you know that L'heure Zéro is at Bath cinéclub next Friday?

Alliance Française de Bath is starting its new cinéclub season with L'heure Zéro adapted by Pascal Thomas from the novel by Agatha Christie called Towards Zero.
Guillaume Neuville has had the brilliant idea to invite his ex-wife ( son ex-femme) and his new wife ( sa nouvelle femme) to spend a few days at his rich aunt' s in Brittany! He would like them to become friends ( devenir des amies), there is a murder ( un crime ) and an enquiry (une enquête) ...... needless to say much more!
If you would like to find out who the murderer ( le meurtrier ou l'assassin) is, what is his/her mobile (son mobile), what clues ( des indices) are available to the police inspector ( l'inspecteur de police), join Alliance Française de Bath students on Friday, October 27th. For more info...
What about having a look at the trailer ( la bande annonce)?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alliance Française de Bristol is going to have an evening of champagne tasting.

Lionel, specialist in French wines and an ex French teacher, is going to give students taking French tuition in Bristol with their French teachers, as well as their friends, a talk on champagnes followed by some champagne tasting ( dégustation de champagnes).

Here are some of the champagnes on offer:

Champagne Brut Réserve Bérèche     
One of Champagne’s rising stars ( étoile montante), Raphaël Bérèche has been working alongside his father Jean-Pierre at their 9ha estate of Bérèche et Fils since 2004, and today he is putting an increasingly personal stamp on this thoughtfully-run domaine. Bérèche’s wines are full in flavour and finely balanced, always showing a firmness of structure.

Champagne 7Crus Agrapart 

Agrapart’s wines are of uniformly excellent quality, with a naturally expressive and vinous character that makes them feel grown rather than made. Les 7 Crus is a consistently reliable value, and the other wines in the range offer increasingly more precise demonstrations of Côte des Blancs terroirs.

Champagne Rosé de Macération B. Lahaye   

Benoit Lahaye is a passionate advocate of natural winegrowing; the estate was fully converted to organic viticulture in 2003, and certified organic ( biologique ) in 2007. Lahaye’s wines are intense without being weighty, showing a vinous, concentrated character that clearly announces an emphasis on quality work in the vineyards.

All rather mouth-watering:  cela vous met l'eau à la bouche!

Here is Lionel explaining how he became passionate about wines in Les vins rares!

 Why not join us on November 2nd at 8pm, for more info...

Sunday, 7 October 2012

La nuit blanche de Paris is back!

For several years now, there has been une nuit blanche à  Paris ( a sleepless night) on the first weekend in October ( see Alliance Française de Bristol blog last October for some background).
There are some museums that are open all night for instance but there are lots of very unsual events such a man creating a picture on the floor of le Palais de la découverte with thousands of shoes. A lady artist decided to bring colours to the smoke coming out chimneys from a factory burning our everyday rubbish. After listening to her short explanation you can actually watch the result on a video showing Paris by night, last night.
Or you can find out about a giant mobile by les Frères Ripoulain aux anciennes Halles de Paris ( near the Pompidou centre).

Enjoy this trip around Paris or join us for a course and come to Paris with us as some of our French teachers organize trips to various towns in France, Paris included! For more info...