Sunday 26 January 2014

Did you know that the next cineclub in Bath is Le Chat du Rabbin?

Alliance Française de Bath is showing its first film for 2014 next Friday and it is called, The Rabbi's cat.
It is an animation film by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux with the voices of François Morel as the cat, Maurice Bénichou as the rabbi and Hafsia Herzi, his daughter.
We're in Algiers ( Alger) in the 20ies ( dans les années 20). Rabbi Sfar lives with his daughter ( sa fille), a parrot ( un perroquet) and a cheeky cat ( un chat espiègle)  which swallows up ( qui dévore) the parrot and starts talking...... ( et commence à parler)
The cineclub is for students studying French at Alliance Française de Bath but also for everyone interested in the French language and French culture. There are subtitles in English ( des sous-titres en anglais).

 And here is the link to the trailer ( la bande annonce):

It is going to be fun, for more info....

Sunday 19 January 2014

Do you know your French adverbs ending in ment?

In Audrey's French class, they do!
Here are some of these adverbs in the form of a poem:

Je fais mes devoirs ferventement  ( I do my homework with fervently)
C'est nécessaire, évidemment       ( It is necessary, evidently)
J'apprends le pluparfait religieusement  ( I learn the pluperfect religiously)
Et les verbes irrégulaire du passé composé également ( And the irregular verbs in the perfect tense equally)
Les paupières tombent très souvent ( Eyelids droop very often)
Je rêve de mon lit constamment  ( I dream of my bed constantly)
Je bois du café noir copieusement  ( I drink black coffee copiously)
Je me pense qu'il sera plus facile finalement ( I think to myself that it will be easier finally)
De faire mes excuses gauchement  ( to apologise awkwardly)

Any grammar point can be learnt in a fun way with our French teachers, why don't you find out for yourself by joining a class either with Alliance Française de Bath or de Bristol. For more info...

Sunday 12 January 2014

New: French cineclub in Bristol on Sunday 19th January

Emilie, French teacher with Alliance Française de Bristol, has organized a cineclub in Bristol thanks to L'institut Français in London through which films can be borrowed. What is really nice about this system is that we can show films which can't be seen in ordinary cinemas, so this is your only chance!!!
The film is called Tout ce qui brille. This is the beginning of a saying which goes: tout ce qui brille n'est pas or ( all that shines is not gold).
It is a comedy ( une comédie) by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran with Leila Bekhi and Géraldine Nakache. The story ( l'histoire ) is about Ely and Lila who are like two sisters. They’ve known each other since childhood ( depuis l'enfance ), they share ( elles partagent) everything and dream ( et rêvent ) of a different life. They both live in the same suburb ( la même banlieue) , 10 minutes away from Paris. But they want to be where it is all happening. They’ll do anything to step into a world which is not theirs and where everything is possible…….

The cineclub is open to all students learning French with Alliance Française de Bristol but also to anyone with an interest in the French language. The film has subtitles in English.
Arrive early to get a drink in the pub before the film starts. For more info...

Sunday 5 January 2014


Christmas ( Noël) is behind us with its Father Christmas ( le père Noël ) or Mother Christmas ( la mère Noël ) and the Christmas tree ( le sapin de Noël ) decorated with:
les boules ( baubles), les guirlandes ( garlands) et les guirlandes lumineuses ( fairy lights)
Presents ( les cadeaux) have been put away ( rangés) or are being used ( utilisés).
We don't send Christmas cards ( des cartes de Noël ) in France but New Year cards ( des cartes de vœux ) with our best wishes for the New Year ( nos meilleurs vœux pour l'année nouvelle) . We can send them from the beginning of January ( le début janvier) right to the 31st January ( le 31 janvier).

Our French courses are resuming tomorrow, we'll also have cineclubs, French cheese and cookery workshops, a French drama show and more, you can find all the details on our website. Treat yourself for the New Year:  For more info...