Sunday 30 November 2014

Do you know how to sell French perfume in Russia?

One student in Martine's French evening class knows exactly how to proceed! Martine asked her students to present an imaginary product made in France to sell to the Russians. Here is the result:

Vendre le parfum français aux Russes

A.  “Vivez vos rêves... avec les parfums de France!”

(i)  le prix
(ii) pas nécessaire de chercher ces produits à  l'étranger: on peut trouver tout ce qu'il nous faut en Russie.
(iii) la France a toujours exagéré: ses produits n'ont rien d'extraordinaire.

C.  Mes chères dames russes, quelle chance d'être russe en ce moment! Tant de millionaires, tant de gaz, tant de gangsters...  Et vous, vous avez tout, on n'en doute pas, y compris sans doute un homme fort, votre 'ours bien-aimé'.

Mais il vous manque quelque chose, n'est-ce pas? De quoi rêvez-vous pendant ces nuits si profondes,  à  côté  de votre ours qui ronfle? Oui, il y a quelque chose qui vous échappe, vous ne pouvez pas l'expliquer.

Ne vous inquiétez plus – la France connaît le secret de vos rêves: la France qui a toujours connu ces secrets: comment goûter tous les plaisirs des sens, de la vie enfin.

On pense à la France, et on pense au savoir faire, à l'élégance, à la subtilité, à la gastronomie, aux marques de luxe... et à l'art de l'amour.

Et vous trouverez toute cette passion, toute cette vision, toute cette créativité,  dans nos parfums français.

 D.   Revivez vos rêves grâce à nos parfums... et gardez votre ours chez vous!

 PS  (pour l'ours)  Monsieur, ne cherchez pas à comprendre ce galimatias. Tout ce qui compte, c'est d'offrir nos parfums à Madame. Elle sera ravie, elle vous regardera d'un nouvel œil, et elle restera avec vous!

 OFFRE SPECIALE : 2 pour 1 – et en bouteille d'un litre, c'est encore moins cher!

I am sure you're convinced even if you are not Russian!

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Sunday 23 November 2014

Did you know that France is playing in the final of the Davis Cup this weekend, in Lille, France?

The Davis cup ( la coupe Davis) was born in 1899. Dwight Filley Davis, student at Harvard, had the idea of creating an international tennis competition to promote the game of tennis. The first competition ( le premier tournoi) took place between the USA ( les Etats Unis) and England ( l'Angleterre) . There were five matches ( cinq matchs): four singles ( quatre simples) and a double ( un double) . The winning country was to house the competition the following year.
In 1904, three more countries joined in ( trois autres pays): France, Belgium ( la Belgique) and Australia ( l'Australie), little by little more countries joined in.
In 1927, France won for the first time thanks to the musketeers ( les mousquetaires) as the players were called: Jacques Brugnon, Jean Borotra, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste. They dominated international tennis for six years, winning the Davis cup trophy, le Saladier d'Argent ( the silver bowl) six times.

In 1981 the Davis cup got its first sponsor, from then on, the players ( les joueurs) received some money. It attracted more countries to join in, 129 now take part.

Good luck to the French team ( l'équipe de France) this weekend! 

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Sunday 16 November 2014

Two poems written about L'Etranger by Albert Camus

Ross took some French private lessons with Elise a little while ago and asked to read and study L'Etranger with Elise.
Ross felt like writing a couple of poems, in French, the first one is related to the death of the mother of the main character, Meursault, death which occurs at the very beginning of the book. The second one refers to his relationship with Marie, who very quickly becomes his lover, and to a Sunday evening scene back in Algiers.
Here they are:

L’Etranger : deux poèmes

Chapitre I

Aujourd’hui sa maman a rencontré la mort.
Ou peut-être hier; Meursault il a tort.
Il ne sais pas quoi dire ou faire.
Il ne veut pas ouvrir la bière.

Le jour de l’enterrement il fait chaud,
Et le soleil est très brillant.
Les vieillards regardent tous Meursault.
Ce moment devient déprimant.

Sa mère a été tuée par un chancre,
Mais Meursault ne comprenait pas.
Le chaleur pèse comme une ancre.
Les gens ne lui semblent plus qu’un tas.

Chapitre II

Marie lui demande s’il est en deuil.
Meursault répond que oui.
Elle interprète la scène comme un trompe-l’oeil,
Mais ne voit pas que tout devient jauni.

Meursault fume sa cigarette
Et regarde les passants dans le quartier.
Peu à peu la rue se déserte.
Meursault croit que rien n’a changé.  

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Sunday 9 November 2014

Did you know that the duet Jac & Co is performing in Bristol next Friday?

Who are Jac & Co? Details taken from their website...

For over 27 years, virtuoso accordionist Jacques Pellarin, Jac,  has brought the sounds of the French countryside to all corners of the globe. With 8 albums and multiple international tours, he has shared his musette-inspired accordion compositions with a world-wide audience.
Jacques’ s professional career began as part of the internationally acclaimed Baikal Duo and after 18 years of classical performances, Jacques formed a quartet and an acoustic trio in order to pursue a freer interpretation of jazz and world music. In 2011, the Jacques Pellarin Quartet released the critically-acclaimed album Sup Dude and today, Jacques continues to compose, perform, and tour with his wife, Corinne, Co,  who sings —focusing now on sharing his music with a larger global audience through strategic placements and song licensing deals.

Here is what Jacques explains:
"Through my compositions, I invite the audience to discover a chameleon accordion, different from the musette clichés, offering very eclectic styles like the tango nuevo, the rumba, the son and other Latin rhythms, the milonga, the swing waltz, the sertao and the Brazilian samba, a jazz ballade, inspirations from music of the Balkans or Yiddish getting close to jazz and other surprises more classical…"

 Here is what the reviewer, Bruce Lindsay, says about Jacques' s music:
“French accordionist and composer Jacques Pellarin has the welcome ability to craft music which is technically challenging, yet immediately accessible and engaging. Pellarin is a superbly lyrical player, Pellarin's writing emphasizes catchy hooks, danceable rhythms and light, upbeat, melodies.” -- Bruce Lindsay All About Jazz

"When you need to create an atmosphere of love and romance,
When you need to evoke the mood of a smoky Parisian café,
When you need to capture the sound of mystery, journeys or lost loves,
Come and listen to the music of a French accordion virtuoso !" says Jacques.

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Sunday 2 November 2014

Did you know that the next cineclub in Bath is next Friday?

 The film chosen by Cécile, French teacher at Alliance Française de Bath, is called Camille redouble, a comedy with drama, by and with Noémie Lvovsky.

Redoubler at school means that you do the same year again because you did not achieve good enough results, so what does it mean here?
Camille is only sixteen and still  at school ( au lycée) when she falls in love with Eric ( elle tombe amoureuse d'Eric)  also at school.They marry later ( ils se marient plus tard) and have a child and are happy for a while. But  twenty-five years later ( vingt-cinq ans plus tard) Eric leaves Camille for a younger woman. Bitter and desperate ( amère et désespérée) Camille drinks so much at a New Year Eve's party ( le soir du jour de l'An) that she falls into an ethylic coma and she finds herself... propelled into her own past ( propulsée dans son propre passé) ! Camille is sixteen again when she wakes up the next morning, she is going to live her life again: elle redouble. Is she going to have the same life again?All will be revealed in the film.
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Here is the link to the trailer ( la bande annonce)