Saturday, 30 January 2010

With Les Bleus hosting Les Blancs in Paris on the 20th March, the posting below is rather timely

Doing some revision on the future tense, one student taking French lessons with Alliance Française de Bristol decided to write the 10 commandments of the rugby player in French , using the future tense.

Les 10 commandements du joueur de rugby

Tu ne tricheras jamais.
Il faudra que tu fasses un régime strict : Tu ne boiras jamais trop d’alcool et tu mangeras beaucoup de légumes et des protéines.
Tu t’entraîneras tous les jours 3 heures, soit au gymnase, soit au club de l’équipe.
Tu ne fumeras jamais.
Tu représenteras toujours ton club comme un ambassadeur de sport.
Tu aideras les enfants à l’école locale.
Tu mettras le rugby avant ton plaisir mais il faudra que tu considères le rugby comme ton plaisir.
Tu devras avoir l’esprit d’équipe et tes co-équipiers te respecteront.
Tu essaieras de gagner chaque match.
Mais surtout il faudra que tu donnes à ton père des billets gratuits pour les matchs.

Le père d’un joueur de Gloucester.

Et vous, pouvez-vous nous envoyer les 10 commandements d’une autre profession ?

Write your Ten Commandments in the future tense or why not practise your subjunctive:
il faut que tu fasses un régime très strict etc....

Put your version in the comments on the blog or send them to: Alliance Française de Bristol through our site

Saturday, 23 January 2010

A nice easy French recipe for these cold evenings!

Chouquettes salées au fromage de chèvre et fines herbes


    * 40 g of butter, cut in small pieces
    * 125 ml of water
    * 75 g of sifted flour
    * 1 to 2 eggs ( beat one egg only)
    * 40 g goat’s cheese
    * Some finely chopped chives
    * Salt/ pepper
Preheat the oven to 225C/ Gas 8

Heat the water and butter in a saucepan. When the butter has melted and the liquid is boiling remove from the heat, add the flour at once and stir it energetically with a wooden spoon. The mixture must come off the sides of the saucepan and form a dough.

Add the whole egg and beat the mixture. Add some more egg and evaluate if the dough needs more egg; the mixture must form a ‘point’ on the finger and must be homogeneous.

 Add the goats’ cheese, the chives and season; mix just enough to incorporate these ingredients.

Line a tray with baking parchment and form choux buns either with a spoon or a piping bag. Brush each bun with egg wash (whole egg+ water well whisked). With a wet fork, push down the point of each bun - this will allow each bun to rise evenly.

Lower the oven temperature to 200C and bake the buns for 15 minutes.

Tip: At the end of the cooking time, leave the oven on and open the oven door for 3 to 4 minutes - this will allow the choux to dry and avoid them collapsing.

Recipe provided by Isabelle, French tutor with Alliance française de Bristol and chef at La Cuizine

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Make French Fun Through Theatre

Come and share with us an evening of games and drama in accessible French!

Tuesday 19th January, 2010
8.30 pm
Comedy Box, above the Hen and Chicken
210 North Street
Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1JF
£2 at the door

Tuesday 19th will be the end of a ten-week course, and the evening will give the brave actors/French students a chance to show us what they can do! There'll be a few games with the audience and some short scenes created especially for the occasion.

Simon Fry of Venue commented after last year's event: "Their efforts culminated in the performance of some innovative and amusing role plays before a 50-strong audience, enjoyed immensely by participant and observer alike." There will be time after the show to socialise with the actors. As Simon says, "you may not end up at Cannes, but you'll no doubt be clicking glasses in the bar after a stellar showing."

A new 'French through Theatre' course will start up in March if you are interested in joining us: all you need is a good GCSE level, no previous acting experience is required! It's a fun way to learn French in context.

Past student feedback has been incredibly positive: "it's a completely different way of learning French. It's amazing how much you take in without even realising it. Acting was never really my thing, but acting in French is completely different! It's great fun and I'd recommend the course to everyone."

More info on the course on

A bientôt!