Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Friday morning French class is back from Toulouse:

The French class left on Friday afternoon with their French tutor, Martine and arrived with plenty of time to enjoy an apéritif, place du Capitole before going for their first meal and discovering les spécialités toulousaines:
le cassoulet, le canard confit
among the most famous ones.
The next three days were spent walking round and visiting the famous churches, museums and looking at the attractive old buildings.
Here is what they enjoyed most:
J'ai adoré les briques roses qui créent une atmosphère lumineuse.
La basilique St Sernin est un bâtiment merveilleux, très clair à l'intérieur.
J'ai aimé les briques roses, le marché Victor Hugo et faire du vélo sur les bords du canal du Midi et de la Garonne.Si vous aimez l'art moderne, allez aux Abattoirs.
Le musée de la résistance et de la déportation m'a émue.
Les peintures dans la salle des mariages du Capitole sont très amusantes!
J'ai été très impressionnée par la place du Capitole et les bords de la Garonne.
If you wish to see some photos of the students practising their French with their French tutor with a glass of wine or during a meal, go to our website, for more info...

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Friday morning French class is looking forward to their trip to Toulouse!

Martine, one of the French tutors at Alliance Française in Bristol, is taking a group of students, taking French lessons with her, to Toulouse.
They'll be leaving from Bristol airport on Friday afternoon. The hotel has been booked for months and is conveniently situated near the tourist office ( l'office du tourisme). Its premises are in the old donjon near la place du Capitole with its cafés where they'll have un apéritif before having their first meal at the restaurant called Les Terrasses St Rome. The owner ( le patron) has promised Martine that they will not have un temps anglais so he is reserving a table à la terrasse!
On Saturday they'll be discovering the old town with its churches, particularly la basilique St Sernin, and the 17th century hôtels particuliers. Martine has prepared a list of museums for students to choose from but also they all want to enjoy walking ( faire des balades) along la Garonne and le canal du Midi. And make the most of the cafés and restaurants to soak up the atmosphere, to make it all come to life, after studying about Toulouse in the French lessons from books and from the Internet.
The group is travelling back the following Monday: during those four days, they will speak French the whole time ( Martine will make sure of that!) so quite an immersion in the French language, South west accent included!
Look out for photos on our website in the next few weeks, for more info...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Did you know that the film La princesse de Montpensier is on at the Watershed in Bristol?

La Princesse de Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier is an adaptation of the novel by Madame de la Fayette. The film narrates the passionate love affair between Mademoiselle de Mézières and le Duc de Guise. The young girl was forced to marry le Prince de Montpensier when in love with le Duc!
Violence, rivalries and passions take place on a back drop of religious wars during the 16th century: a must! Or as we say in French: C'est incontournable!
There is a special discount for students taking French lessons with Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath. Please contact us for details...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Camping in France

When you go camping (camper) in France, don't forget to pack your tent (la tente) and your pegs (les sardines)!
If it's hot you might not need a sleeping bag (un sac de couchage), but you definitely will need boules de pétanque to play during the apéritif!
A few useful words:
a camper van = le camping-car
a flask = la gourde
a cool box = la glacière
And beware of mosquitoes (les moustiques)!

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Would you like to know how to argue in French?

Last Tuesday, brave actresses who took part in Alliance Française de Bristol course to learn French through drama stepped on stage to share their creations with us.
Do you know what to do when someone steals your parking spot in France? Click on the video to see how to argue (se disputer) in case it happens to you!
Colourful insults include: "You look like a potato" (une pomme de terre), "You're crazy!" (vous êtes dingue)...
Of course you won't need this vocabulary when you travel to France, as we are such considerate (courtois) and polite (poli) drivers! :)