Sunday, 27 July 2014

As I write this blog Le Tour de France is in Paris, going round 9 times before the final sprint on Les Champs Elysées.

This year, the French riders have shown some talent and determination and two of them will be sur le podium unless there is a fall. The French commentators are delighted to tell us that it has not happened for about 30 years.
You may be watching Le Tour, you may even ride a bike but do you know the vocabulary?
Un vélo de course: a racing bike
Un vélo tout terrain ou VTT: a mountain bike
Un vélo de route: a road bike
Un vélo d'appartement: an exercise bike
Une roue: a wheel
Un pneu: a tyre
Une chambre à air: an inner tube
Une crevaison: a puncture
Un guidon:  handlebars
Un frein: a brake
Une selle: a saddle
Une chaîne: a chain
Un dérailleur: derailleur gears
Le braquet: gear ratio
Une pédale: a pedal

 Happy cycling in France!

Here is a link with a recap of this year's Tour:

No French classes this coming August with Alliance Française de Bristol or Bath, but look out for our enrolment sessions early September. For more info...

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