Sunday, 8 June 2014

Did you know that there will be a guided walk in French, in Bristol, next Thursday?

Anne, blue badge guide and French tutor with Alliance Française de Bristol, is doing a guided walk ( une visite guidée) on 12th June, starting in front of the Hippodrome and taking students through the old centre of Bristol.
Anne has been doing guided walks around Bristol for Alliance Française students and anyone interested for the last few years and they are always very popular. Here is what Sarah has to say:
« J'ai assisté à trois des visites guidées d'Alliance Française, et elles m'ont beaucoup plu. Anne explique l'histoire et l'architecture de Bristol d'une manière si vivante, et interactive, et on apprend beaucoup de vocabulaire.   Je les recommande chaleureusement!”
The walk will start on the big public open space in front of the Hippodrome where the river Frome ( la rivière) used to run and is now covered. There will be a stop by the statue of Neptune, the walk will take students to Castle Green near the floating harbour ( le pont flottant), with its ruins ( ses ruines) of the castle ( le château) and of two churches ( deux églises). And plenty more......

It is not too late to join, for more info...

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