Sunday, 2 October 2011

Did you know that last night was La nuit blanche in Paris?

La nuit blanche ( The sleepless night) started in Paris ten years ago on the first weekend of October.
The idea is that you can stay up and enjoy a host of unusual activities or shows right through the night.
If you went to Le Sacré cœur last night you would have seen, in the gardens below, 1000 candles ( bougies) reconstituting the night sky as it will be in 2111! The special candles that were used, could resist wind and rain but as it was, the night was warm and calm.
If you wanted to experience purple rain and see a purple night, you could go to L'hôtel d'Albret in the 4th arrondissement. Once in the courtyard, you were given a transparent umbrella and were under Une "Purple Rain" as it was called.
If you were in a surreal mood, you could go la station de métro Anvers in the 9th arrondissement and see a display of urban furniture ( du mobilier urbain) presented in a surreal fashion: un abri-bus ( bus shelter), un parking à vélo ( bicycle park), une poubelle ( a dustbin), un lampadaire ( a lamp post), une horloge ( a clock), un horodateur ( a ticket machine for carparks) une caméra de surveillance ( a CCTV camera) and plenty more...
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