Sunday, 13 February 2011

Anne B, French talent of the year 2008, is visiting students taking French tuition in Bristol

Anne B is coming to Bristol next Friday! French tutors and students of Alliance Française de Bristol are really looking forward to meeting her, asking her questions and listening to her sing prior to her concert at the Folk House in Bristol on 27th March.
To find out about Anne B, go to her website

During our French classes, as well as listening to her songs, we have tried to write poetry inspired by her lyrics.
Here are two acrostics:

O O! Que je me sens triste
I immodérément déprimé,
S sans aucun Fred Vargas à lire
E et rien d’autre sur ma liste
A aidez-moi,  je vous implore d’
U urgence venez à mon secours !
Un nul !

L lorsque le printemps a fini
E et le soleil atteint pleine puissance
J j’aime m’asseoir sur le banc
A avec un livre pour me détendre
R retournant aux phrases que j’ai lues
D dans un demi sommeil transparent
I inévitablement j’ai perdu le fil
N ni puis je retrouver le plan.

You can have a go yourselves! And why not join of our French courses?
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